Motion Graphics

As a multimedia artist, I have also dabbled with motion graphics projects such as Flash rotoscoping, non-linear hyperlink narratives, stop motion videos, light writing animation, and kinetic typography. Here are just a few of my favourite experiments:


A collaborative rotoscoped animation created by my Intermedia production stream. My section of animation spans from 2:252:28.

The original video footage was provided by Brett Gaylor of the OSCP. This medley of drawing styles was a contribution to the Open Source Cinema Project, which was released as the documentary RiP: Remix Manifesto in 2007, featuring my section of animation.

Music used with permission:
Girl Talk — “Bounce That”


A stop motion video project created in partnership with Lauren Mercer-Smail in 2010, using several sequences of light writing/graffiti photography.

In music, the most common technique for teaching scales to beginners is assigning each note a special syllable, known as a solfège syllable. The seven most commonly used syllables for this practice are “doh, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti” (and doh, again). This art project highlights each of these notes in an abstract and visual way, sometimes with hidden puns.

Music used with permission:
Thee Oh Sees — “Destroyed Fortress Reappears”


A kinetic typography video I created in 2009, using an audio clip from the 1985 movie Clue, directed by Jonathan Lynn. Before starting, I created a static, two-dimensional map from which I could base the movements and flow of the piece. I’ll include it here as a sneak peek of what you are about to see.

Main dialogue:
Tim Curry’s “Whodunnit” Monologue

Kinetic typography map

Visual map for kinetic typography animation