Curriculum Vitae / Resume


  • Concordia University BA of Arts, with Distinction                                                      2007-2012
    Specialization in Communication Studies, Intermedia Stream
    Minor in Creative Writing
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Canterbury Arts High School                                                                                         2004-2006
    Literary Arts Program, with Honours
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


  • Professional training in graphic arts, design, editing, and creative writing.
  • Additional training in marketing (public relations, advertising, and online SEO).
  • Can produce and edit various types of texts for different audiences.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills in both English and Spanish; intermediate French.
  • Adaptable: able to learn quickly and adhere to company style guides.
  • Well-organized, diligent, punctual, responsible and reliable.
  • Works well individually, as part of a team, and with different departments.
  • Able to work under pressure, multitask, and meet multiple deadlines.
  • Fast learner who takes responsibility and shows initiative.
  • Creative and resourceful problem-solver.


GRAPHICS: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), QuarkXpress

ANIMATION & EDITING: Adobe Flash, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest

OTHER: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Basic HTML




  • Eriginal Books, LLC. eBook publisher. Miami.                                                       2010-Present
    – Creating book covers, plus all branding and promotional materials
  • La Comida MTL. Catering Service. Montreal.                                                       2017
    – Creating company logo and hot sauce label designs
  • Café Rosegorge. Cafe and Bakery. Montreal.                                                          2015
    – Creating company logo for new local cafe
  • Ivy Academic Consulting. Specialized tutoring firm. Costa Rica.                        2013
    – Guiding new brand’s marketing direction and creating company logo
  • Rustique. Cake and Pie Shop. Montreal.                                                                  2012
    – Creating all initial branding and promotional materials for new bakery
  • Crazy Good Cookies. Cookie Delivery Company. Montreal.                                 2012
    – Creating company logo and business card
  • SWARM. Concordia Sports Promotional Team. Montreal.                                   2012
    – Creating t-shirt and poster designs for separate sporting events
  • Altro and Associates, LLP. Law firm. Montreal.                                                      2012
    – Creating event flyer for company seminar
  • AWR Consulting Inc, Engineering firm. Calgary.                                                   2012
    – Creating business card for President of the firm
  • RC Group. Engineering firm. Calgary.                                                                     2011
    – Creating company logo
  • DDR Engineering. Engineering firm. Calgary.                                                        2011
    – Creating company pamphlet for electronic distribution
  • Lobster Press, Children’s books publisher. Montreal.                                            2010
    – Creating promotional graphics for director of Art Production
  • Citizen Digital Facilitation, NGO. Ottawa.                                                              2007
    – Designing magazine’s new logo, editing images for articles

SEO SPECIALIST                                                                                                                   2014-2016

  • LinkNow Media. Website Design and Marketing Firm. Montreal.
    – Managing Local SEO Department for Google Map listings


  • ergonofis. Standing Desk Manufacturer & Retailer. Montreal.                             2017-Present
    – Creating ecommerce blog posts about office health
  • Visit MTL. Montreal Tourism Blog. Montreal.                                                        2016
    – Writing feature articles about unique Montreal attractions
  • LinkNow Media. Website Design and Marketing Firm. Montreal.                       2013-2016
    – Creating SEO-friendly custom content for small business websites

STYLE EDITOR                                                                                                                       2011-2012

  • Eriginal Books, LLC. eBook publisher. Miami.
    – Style editing translated (Spanish-to-English) texts of varied genres


  • LinkNow Media. Website Design and Marketing Firm. Montreal.                        2013-2014
    – Proofreading website content, template emails and press releases
  • Lobster Press, Children’s books publisher. Montreal.                                              2010
    – Final technical editing for teen fiction: grammar, punctuation


  • LinkNow Media. Website Design and Marketing Firm. Montreal. 2013-2016
    – Translating customer service template emails for Latin-American clients
  • Esperamos, Documentary production company. Montreal.                                  2013
    –  Transcribing and translating interviews for the film Love in Other Skies
  • Elizabeth Miller, Documentary Videomaker. Montreal.                                          2008
    – Transcribing and translating interviews with Cuban artists


  • Giuliana Cucinelli, Freire Social Media Project. Montreal.                                    2009
    – Creating typographic introduction sequences for interview segments
  • Brett Gaylor, Open Source Cinema Project. Montreal.                                            2007
    – Creating segment of rotoscoped animation for RiP: Remix Manifesto      

MULTI-MEDIA TEACHER                                                                                                      2009

  • Coop Collective Vision, Creative Video Day Camp. Montreal.
    – Teaching Flash animation to 6-14 year olds

VIDEOGRAPHER                                                                                                                     2007-2008

  • Citizen Digital Facilitation, NGO. Ottawa.
    – Videotaping interviews for Reconciliation project


  • LinkNow Media. Website Design and Marketing Firm. Montreal.                        2013-2014
    – Customer service and marketing assistant duties
  • Eriginal Books, LLC. eBook publisher. Miami.                                                          2011-Present
    – Social media promotion, guest speaker at online promotional events
  • Lobster Press, Children’s books publisher. Montreal.                                               2010
    – Coordinating other departments for art production processes
  • Alta Gracia Espinosa, Professional Photographer. Ottawa.                                     2007
    – Handling equipment set-up, lighting and composition
  • Citizen Digital Facilitation, NGO. Ottawa.                                                                 2005-2007
    – Assist with editorial research at Revista Futuros
  • Human Rights Internet, NGO. Ottawa.                                                                       2004
    – Office coordination, organizing records and correspondence


  • Organic and Local SEO Webinars: Participant                                                       2014-2016
    – BrightLocal, online
  • International Digital Publishing Forum: Participant                                              2013
    – Jacob K. Javits Center, New York City
  • Headlight Issue 15 Launch Reading: Poetry Performer                                          2012
    – Eva B, Montreal
  • Pilot Reading Series: Poetry Performer                                                                    2011
    – The Sparrow, Montreal
  • COMS Guild and JSA Student Elections: Chief Electoral Officer                          2010
    – Concordia University, Montreal
  • Coffee Houses: Performer, MC, and Organization Committee                             2003-2007
    – Canterbury Literary Arts Program, Ottawa
  • Latin American Cultural Event “Mapale”: Poetry Performer                                  2006
    – National Library, Ottawa
  • Third International Congress of Environmental Education: Participant             2005
    – Granada Exposition and Congress Palace, Spain
  • Ottawa Youth Video Workshop: Participant                                                            2005
    – Canadian Screen Training Centre, Ottawa
  • Abridged course Children’s Books Go to the Movies: Selected Participant          2003
    – University of Ottawa



VISIT MTL                                                                                                                             2016

  • Fossils, and Bikes, And Beers…Oh My!, feature article
    – July 2016
  • Montreal’s Pinball Renaissance, feature article
    – June 2016

ERIGINAL BOOKS                                                                                                                 2012

  • The Talented Demetri, illustrated children’s book
    – Second Edition (Originally published in 2010)

HEADLIGHT ANTHOLOGY                                                                                                  2012

  • Antonio Blanco Vasquez, poem
    – Issue no. 15, Spring. 15th Anniversary Edition.

THE CLAREMONT REVIEW                                                                                                2007

  • Elegy for Río Almendares, poem
    – Issue no. 31, Spring

REVISTA FUTUROS                                                                                                               2006

  • Anticipándose al genocidio (“Anticipating Genocide”), essay
    – Issue no. 16, Vol. IV

MAPALÉ ARTES Y LETRAS                                                                                                   2006

  • Spark/Funk, poem
    – Issue no. 4, Summer



FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE DEAN’S LIST                                                          2009-2012

  • Recognition for outstanding academic performance
    in the Department of Communication Studies

GOLDEN KEY INTERNATIONAL HONOUR SOCIETY                                                 2008-Present

  • Exclusive Membership: awarded for high GPA

OTTAWA CARLETON DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD AWARDS                                      2004-2007

  • 4 Medals: Awarded annually for academic excellence

BILL FRANKLIN WRITING AWARD                                                                                 2003

  • Essay writing competition, 1st Place